Automatic Iris

w/ Chella and the Charm

Saturday, February 25, 2017
8:00 PM
Doors Open at 7:00 PM

Tuft Theatre

71 E Yale Ave, Denver, CO 80210  

Event Ended

Featured Artist #1

Automatic Iris

Automatic Iris is a Denver band performing original pop songs that draw from indie rock, folk, new wave and alt-country. The band's songs incorporate sweet harmonies, filthy distortion and tales of smart people making poor decisions. It's a soundtrack for the nights you're too proud to give in to your regrets. Automatic Iris is particularly excited to play the Tuft Theater at Swallow Hill, because that's quite literally where the band got its start. Singer-guitarist Amanda Gonulsen and guitarist Michael Saul first met learning guitar in a Swallow Hill group lesson in that very room. Inspired by a shared love of artists ranging from Emmylou Harris to Yo La Tengo, the two started writing songs and while trying to figure out how to play their instruments.

In 2013 Amanda and Michael joined forces with multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and New Wave scholar Glenn Hermanson to form Automatic Iris. The group has since evolved into a full- fledged rock and roll band featuring Courtney Wilson (The Belle Jar, Far Stairs) on vocals, keys, violin, accordion, and science, and drummer Ryan Elwood (Natalie Walker, Voodoo Kings, Wonderlic, Chris McGarry & The Insomniacs). The band continues to write original songs on topics including heartbreak and geography, incorporating both delicate vocal harmonies and occasional garage-rock freakouts. Each Automatic Iris performance includes not only musical numbers for your auditory enjoyment, but also a highly educational "Science Minute" courtesy of the band's resident neuroscientist Courtney.

Automatic Iris recorded its debut five-song EP Escape Routes with Nick Sullivan at The Keep in Denver in 2016. The band loves playing Denver clubs, festivals, museums, breweries, and especially the public library.

Featured Artist #2

Chella and the Charm

Originally from La Crosse, Wisconsin, folk singer-songwriter, Chella Negro, relocated to Colorado 2000. Though spending the majority of the past decade living in Denver has certainly informed her songs with a spirit that can only be lifted from the ubiquitous concrete and glass of the city, the soul of a life spent growing up in a midwestern town remains the heartbeat of the music. The seemingly mutually exclusive elements of country heart and urban savvy fuse seamlessly into a collection of songs that is at once unique and comfortingly familiar. Reflected in her singing simultaneously are the pain of heartbreak, the joy and wonder of life, and the wisdom gained from experiencing both. Chella faithfully carries the torch of singer-songwriter folk music past and current. The addition of Dave Pinto on Pedal Steel, Melanie Karnopp on Drums, and Jason Leija on Bass fill out the instrumentation and bring a decidedly Americana sound to the songs.

The Charm's latest effort, Denver Delay, has been described as textured, lush, and captivating with a sound that speaks to the traditional country and western of yesteryear while expanding on bare bones, tastefully intertwining smart, modern lyricism and catchy indie singer/songwriter sensibility.

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