The Swallow Hill Teacher Feature Featuring Some of Our Teachers

Saturday, January 7, 2017
8:00 PM
Doors Open at 7:00 PM

Daniels Hall

71 E. Yale Ave., Denver, CO 80210  

Event Ended

The Swallow Hill Teacher Feature Featuring Some of Our Teachers

Reviving a tradition from the 1980s when Swallow Hill was on South Pearl Street and our instructors held an annual concert at Cameron United Methodist Church, the Swallow Hill Teacher Feature Featuring Some of Our Teachers will feature over twenty of our teachers who will collaborate on two sets of music - one acoustic, the other electric - in Daniels Hall. Current instructor Paul Trunko, who has been with Swallow Hill since the South Pearl Street days, feels the current crop of instructors deserved the chance to reignite the tradition. Emceed by the Wonder Twins of the Swallow Hill school: Chris and Cheri! Among the teachers to be featured at the Swallow Hill Teacher Feature Featuring Some of Our Teachers...

Paul Trunko – Our fearless leader for the night, Paul is known to take an idea and not just run with it, but jam with it!

Dustin Adams - Dustin is made of pianos!

Virginia Lynn Anderson - Virginia shares the same birthday as Woody Guthrie, as well as more than a few similar life experiences AND her father was a member of the Odd Fellows Lodge, which begs the question, "Does that make her an odd daughter?"

Barry Brown – When Barry sings - watch for The Three Things: Strings, Core, Pie Hole (pie not included).

Ed Contreras – Ed can play hundreds of World Percussion instruments...some of them quite well!

Casey Cormier - Casey will be manning the low end for the evening, hoping to satisfy your bass desires.

Spencer Crawford - Spencer has heard all the banjo/accordion jokes out there, but to him it's no laughing matter.

Kim Dawson - wine geek, foodie, red-headed singer whose voice will shake your soul.

Star Edwards – Star creates a spirited blend of an ancient sound wrapped in a contemporary landscape.

Caitlin Gilmore - Caitlin is a jazz vocalist, pianist, composer and saxophonist, so she can't help it when things get a little funky.

Vicki Jordan - Despite the tragic banjo "incident" of 1986, Vicki still manages to play flute like a champ in her Renaissance/Celtic band, Kindred Spirits!

Clay Kirkland - After playing music all his life, professionally for almost fifty years, and being a Swallow Hill faculty member for over 25 years, Kirkland is having more fun and learning more than ever, thanks to the awesome staff, faculty, and students.

Mike Jagel – Banjos are the original heavy metal instruments that play the ancient tones.

Stef Kull - From the elusive and mysterious Ms. Kull we received only the following note: "To Management: Sorry, there is no way I can list all of my spectacular death-defying musical feats and the many famous musicians I have never actually been in a band with in a one-line bio."

Michael John McKee - Come watch Michael spin his sticks…and then drop them.

John Nash - One of the resident ukulele aficionado's at Swallow Hill and hopes to share the joy of this little instrument.

Brian Nelson - In an attempt to relieve ridicule typically directed toward players of banjo, this evening's ensemble will feature Brian on drum set and percussion.

Trent Nelson – Trent's guitar riffs are 100% face-melting, so make sure you bring make up to reapply at intermission.

Josie Quick - Come see Josie demonstrate the Art of Faking It!

Jeff Rady - A post-human roboto-man developed and constructed by the wonderful scientists at the IBM headquarters in Armonk. NY, USA. "The Jeff" as they like to call him was created for the express purpose of playing pedal steel and guitar while requiring only Funyuns, another IBM creation, for sustenance.

Deborah Solo Collins - Come see Deborah fulfill her dream of singing lead vocals for two of her favorite songs with a HUGE group expertly talented folk musicians. It's all happening!

Michael Stanwood - Michael has spent an eclectic life in music, devolving down to one note.

Christy Wessler - First Runner up in the Miss Dutchess County Pageant of 1974, Christy carries her trophy with her on Wednesdays if you care to see it.

Molly Zackary -Come see our original punk rocker Molly decimate the patriarchy with the power of her voice.

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