Bluegrass Camp


Ages: 12 - 16

Ability: Beginner Intermediate

Expertise: Banjo, Bass (Up-Right) , Fiddle/Violin, Guitar, Mandolin

Campers at our teen bluegrass camp will learn the foundations and traditions of bluegrass. Students will receive instruction specific to their respective instruments, and will also have the opportunity to play in a bluegrass band. We'll also focus on singing, songwriting, fiddle tunes and more!

Our camp is geared towards beginner and intermediate players and will include instruction for guitar, mandolin, fiddle, upright bass and banjo. We may be able to accommodate additional instruments, please inquire!

Guitar, mandolin, banjo: 1 + years of playing experience, can play G, C, D, D7, A7 chords, can strum/play along to simple 2-3 chord songs, and can play simple melodies and read tablature Fiddle: 1 + years of playing experience, can play simple melodies using the D and A Scale, and can read music Upright Bass: 1 + years of playing experience, and can play simple patterns to 2-3 chord songs in keys of G and D

What to Bring
Your instrument of choice and accessories

Materials List 

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