Making Your Music Work for You: Visiting Artist Workshop


Ages: 18 - No Limit

Ability: Beginner Intermediate Advanced

Expertise: Music Education

The current music industry can feel like a wide-open Wild West with no structure, no sheriff, and where every person is left to find their own way without a guide. Today's professional musician, like other small business owners, has to wear many hats—creator, producer, accountant, marketer, technologist, social media expert, fundraiser, and more. To many people, those disparate tasks can feel overwhelming.

How do some musicians find the path to a sustainable, profitable, and satisfying career? Successful musician-entrepreneurs have key behaviors in common, and have learned similar "big lessons." In the "Making Your Music Work" workshop, we will share those ideas, lessons, and best practices to get you ready and excited to apply them to your own career.

The workshop includes discussion of portfolio careers, goal-setting and planning, communications strategy, and finances. Presenter Erin McGrane will share insights from her work with artists across discipline through Artist INC (musicians, writers, painters, filmmakers and more); private consulting; and her personal experience as a full-time performing artist for 16 years. The workshop concludes with audience Q&A, so bring your questions.


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