Write Your First Song


Ages: 15 - No Limit

Ability: Beginner Intermediate Advanced

Expertise: Songwriting

Have you been dabbling in song writing for a long time, but just haven't written a complete song? Maybe you've never tried, but have just always wanted to write your own song? This is a great workshop to help get you started to finally write your first song! Seasoned song writer, Deborah Collins, will help guide you. You'll spend half of the workshop learning the very basics of song writing and tools you can use at home. You'll spend the second half of the workshop going over your song ideas and coming up with your "hook." You'll leave the workshop with at least the beginnings of your song! Please bring a pencil, paper, and your instrument (a key board is available to use if needed).

Guitar, ukulele, or piano level 3-B or equivalent experience.

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